January 2019

Vision Sunday 2019

Casting vision helps us to prioritize our actions in the present. in this message Pastor Scott will be casting vision and sharing priorities for the coming year that are of benefit to you as well as the church.

December 2018


This time of year many want to say good riddance to the year that is closing and focus on the opportunities and promise of the next. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to reflect and remember.


Jesus is Emmanuel. He is with us at this moment. Today, we reflect on what it means that God is with us and what he is doing.

Jehovah Nissi

What does it mean when we refer to the Lord as our Banner. He is our inspiration who helps us to stay in the fight. This is what we reflect on in today’s message.

Jehovah Rohi

What does it mean when we call the Lord our Shepherd? This morning, we answer that question as we consider His provision, His peace, and His presence.

November 2018

Overwhelmed By The Fear Of Losing Control

All of us will have to deal with this fear of losing control of life. Because at least some of the time we know that things can be out of control in our lives. So how do we face the uncontrollable in our lives?

Faith Promise 2018

This Sunday, we had Missionary Daniel Matsunaga with us to share about the work of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines and encourage us as we serve the Aptos community.

Overwhelmed By The Fear Of Commitment

Giving into the fear isolates us, limits our potential, and increases the risk of harm. However, our commitment is seen in is our tenacity and consistency, persistence and endurance. Today, we look at being overwhelmed by the fear of commitment.

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

The fear of failure focuses on my performance, on what I do. The fear of rejection focuses on me as a person, who I am. Today, we look at overcoming the fear of rejection.

October 2018

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed

What are you overwhelmed by today? The expectations of others? Conflict at home? Health problems? The need to be perfect, the best, or the boss? This morning, we are are looking at what to do when we feel like our lives are overwhelmed.